Consultation on the site for the new Campbeltown Grammar School finishes Friday 30 November

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27 Nov 2012 - 10:29

The consultation process for choosing a site for the new Campbeltown Grammar School is nearly finished. It started on Tuesday 6 November and will end on Friday 30 November.  Whether you are a pupil, parent, member of staff  or an interested member of the community you still have time to make your views known on the four short listed sites.

Written displays with information on each of the four possible sites are available in Campbeltown Grammar School and the Burnet Building throughout the consultation.

You can get involved by filling in a consultation response and sending it back to us. These are available at Campbeltown Grammar School, any of the local primary schools or the Burnet building. Alternatively you can complete an online response form at

Lead Councillor for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Breslin said “There is only a short time left to have your say on this significant development for Campbeltown.  This is your chance to have your say in the future site for the new secondary school, so please use it. We are making it as easy as we can for you to get involved and your opinions will contribute to the final decision made by the council.

“We value the education of your children as much as you do and look forward to hearing your views on this exciting investment in the town’s future.”

The four potential sites are the existing Grammar School and playing fields, The Meadows playing fields, the combined site of The Meadows playing fields and the ground adjacent to Campbeltown Hospital and Kinloch Park.

For more details about the shortlist please look at