Warning over dangers of carbon monoxide in tents, cabins and caravans

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15 May 2012 - 17:18

A letter is being sent to owners of camping and caravan sites across Argyll and Bute warning people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. It comes after the deaths of three people in the UK who all used portable charcoal barbecues inside tents or cabins.


Charcoal barbecues emit dangerous quantities of carbon monoxide which is lethal and they should never be used or taken inside enclosed spaces. Other camping stoves and lights can be equally dangerous if they are dirty or nor properly adjusted.


More than 60 site owners across Argyll and Bute will get a poster and information to help raise awareness for those who are staying in tents, caravans and cabins.


Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure Services, Sandy MacTaggart said: “We are keen for site owners to make sure people are aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide are when they check in and to tell them about the rules for using stoves, gas lights and barbecues. We’d ask them to put up the posters in prominent places so people arriving can see them.”


“More information can be found at the carbon monoxide awareness website at www.covictim.org. If you do let out caravans or cabins with gas installations you have a duty to ensure all are safe and properly maintained. More can be found about gas safety at www.hse.gov.uk/gas/index.htm and all installation and maintenance should be carried out by a competent gas engineer.”