Take extra care on the roads

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29 May 2012 - 14:39

 After the long dry and sunny spell drivers should take extra care on the road this week as rain is forecast.

Lead Councillor for Roads and Amenity Services, Donald Kelly said:

“I would like to remind people to exercise extreme caution on the roads of Argyll and Bute. During dry periods tyre rubber can build up on the road surface causing the road to be slippery when rain eventually falls. The first few hours of rainfall can be the most dangerous but the rubber will be washed away after some time.”

PC Peter MacDonald from Dunoon police office said “After a dry spell you should at least double the space between you and the car in front, treat the roads as if they were icy and avoid harsh braking or braking while going round a bend. In Florida, USA they call wet roads "Florida Ice" and this is the cause of many accidents.”