New path opens from Mid Argyll Hospital to MacIntyre Terrace in Lochgilphead

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29 May 2012 - 15:49

The new Mid Argyll Hospital to MacIntyre Terrace Path is now officially open. It is an important route and will mean people can make their way across the top of Lochgilphead through to Blarbuie and the golf course.  The new path is also a great walking and cycling route for visitors and for staff at the hospital.

The opening coincides with Walk to School Week and pupils from Lochgilphead Primary were there to see Depute Provost and Lochgilphead Councillor Douglas Philand open the new path. The Depute Provost said “This is a fantastic new route for local people to use and I am delighted to be opening the new path as my first official duty for the new council. I’m sure many people will take advantage of the new path.”

The project has been co-ordinated by Argyll and Bute Council after requests from Lochgilphead Community Council. The funding has come from LEADER, Sustrans and the council with support from ACHA and NHS Highland.