Argyll and Bute local election results

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4 May 2012 - 16:51

The election results for ten of the eleven wards in Argyll and Bute have now been announced and they are detailed below. 33 seats out of 36 have been decided today. There are…

Scottish Liberal Democrats – 4

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party – 4

SNP – 12

Independent - 13

More information can be found on our website The Ward 7 Dunoon count will be taking place on Thursday 10 May at the Queen’s Hall in Dunoon. More details will be available next week.




Ward 1 – South Kintyre                                                 Donald Kelly, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

                                                                                John Semple, SNP

                                                                                Rory Colville, Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 2 – Kintyre and the Islands               Robin Currie, Scottish Liberal Democrats

                                                                                Anne Horn, SNP

                                                                                John McAlpine, Independent


Ward 3 – Mid Argyll                                         Donnie MacMillan, Independent

                                                                                Douglas Trevor Philand, Independent

                                                                                Sandy Taylor, SNP


Ward 4 – Oban South and the Isles          Mary-Jean Devon, SNP

                                                                                Fred Hall, SNP

                                                                                Alistair MacDougall, Independent

                                                                                Roddy McCuish, SNP


Ward 5 – Oban North and Lorn                  Louise Anne Glen – Lee, SNP

                                                                                Iain Angus MacDonald, Independent

                                                                                Duncan MacIntyre, Independent

                                                                                Elaine Robertson, Independent


Ward 6 – Cowal                                                 William Gordon Blair, SNP

                                                                                Bruce Marshall, Independent

                                                                                Alex McNaughton, Independent


Ward 8 – Isle of Bute                                      Robert MacIntyre, SNP

                                                                                Len Scoullar, Independent

                                                                                Isobel Strong, SNP


Ward 9 –Lomond North                                                Maurice Corry, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

                                                                                George Freeman, Independent

                                                                                Robert Graham MacIntyre, Independent


Ward 10 – Helensburgh Central                 Vivien Dance, Independent

                                                                                Aileen Morton, Scottish Liberal Democrats

                                                                                Gary Mulvaney, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

                                                                                James Robb, SNP


Ward 11 – Helensburgh and Lomond South         David Kinniburgh, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

                                                                                                Ellen Morton, Scottish Liberal Democrats

                                                                                                Richard Trail, SNP