Argyll and Bute Council election – Dunoon ward

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Published Date: 

9 May 2012 - 09:46

The postponed election for the three seats in Ward 7 Dunoon in Argyll and Bute will take place on Thursday May 10 between 7 am and 10pm.


The count will take place at 10.30 after the votes have been cast by constituents at the Queen’s Hall in Dunoon.


The election was postponed after the death of a party candidate for Ward 7, the late Alister MacAlister of the Scottish National Party (SNP), after the ‘statement of persons nominated’ had been published.


If you haven’t already requested a press pass for the count please contact Lindsey Ingram at  by midday on Wednesday 9 May clearly stating how many passes you need. There is a limit of three for each organisation.


There will be no admittance to the election count without an official press pass from this office.