A814 Helensburgh to Dumbarton Road Works

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29 May 2012 - 17:02

Extensive road improvements are planned on the A814 between Helensburgh and Dumbarton. The work will involve re-building the carriageway, improving the surface and skid resistance. There will be additional work to repair kerb and road markings and at the same time the council will clear scrub and surface debris in the area. The work is being done because of considerable deterioration in the road over recent years partly due to major utility services installation works.

Advance works to repair kerbs has already begun and work to partially remove the existing service and re-shape the carriageway to drainage falls started this week. There is already a convoy system in place already and this will operate from time to time until 29 June.

The final surfacing operation will mean the A814 is closed to through traffic at the following times:

07:00 Mon 2nd July – 17:00 Fri 6th July Dumbarton - Cardross (Ardoch and Lea Brae works)

07:00 Mon 9th July – 17:00 Fri 13th July Cardross - Helensburgh (Geilston & Moss Rd) 

07:00 Mon 16th July – 17:00 Fri 20th July Cardross - Helensburgh (Ardmore & Iona stables)

The reason there will be road closures for the works being carried out is because of the size of the machine being used to put the surface down. It needs two lanes to be done safely and protect workers. Keeping one lane open would mean long delays and so there will be a diversion in place. This is in the interests of safety, quality and efficiency. People will still have access to their homes and businesses throughout the works but access points will vary from day to day and there will be signs indicating the accessibility from each end.

The final stage of works in this area will be to replace the surfacing through the whole of the A814 in Cardross between the speed limits. This will happen in September. There will be a convoy system in operation rather than closing the road completely as there are too many homes and businesses to consider. This will allow surfacing to be carried out safely by controlling traffic past the workers.

There will be signs warning about the A814 works on the A82 from west of the Erskine Bridge exit indicating the possibility of delays during May and June and the closures to through traffic in July. Local signs on display in Dumbarton and Helensburgh will enhance this message and direct traffic to the diversion routes which are as follows:

West Bound; A82 Dumbuck – A82 Arden – A818 Cross keys – Sinclair St. Helensburgh.

Access to Cardoss - week 1 closure via East King St and A814 Colgrain 

East Bound; Sinclair St – A818 Cross Keys – A82 Arden – A814 Dumbuck to Westcliff

Access to Cardoss – week 2 and 3 via A814 Dumbarton

Lead Councillor for Roads and Amenity Services, Donald Kelly said “We are conscious there will be disruption to the local community and have planned the works at a time when business traffic will be reduced and schools are closed. There will be little or no haulage to Cardross Sawmill during the first two weeks. Businesses will be able to operate using the diversion route and there will be some limited access from each end of the closure.”

“Bins will still be collected on the usual days although there could be some delays. Cardross crematorium will remain open and there will be a full service but journey times may vary and the council is meeting with churches and undertakers to discuss the best way to keep delays to a minimum.”

“Scheduled bus services will stop at Westcliff in Dumbarton during the three weeks of diversions and there will be a local free shuttle service, using council minibuses from the end of each closure section available to the nearest railway stations at either end. “

“I firmly believe the A814 works will be of great benefit to the community as a whole for years to come.”

If you have any concerns or questions about the works, diversion routes and access arrangements within the sections closed to through traffic please contact the council at enquiries@argyll-bute.co.uk