Service provision being kept in-house for Adult Learning Disability Day Services and Day Care Services for older people

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1 Mar 2012 - 09:48

Argyll and Bute Council will keep service provision in-house for Adult Learning Disability Day Services and Day Care Services for older people.


Both services had been considered for an external tender, but it has been decided neither would result in best value for the council. The changes to services are necessary because of the proposed introduction of Self Directed Care by the Scottish Government.


In Adult Learning Disability Day Services there has been extensive consultation with those who use the services, carers and staff. Staff believe they are able to meet the challenges of delivering the different model specification agreed in the review of these services and have agreed via their trade unions to work with the council to introduce the required levels of flexibility.


Service users say they are happy with current providers whether internal or external and these decisions provide a level of continuity which was highlighted as important.


In Day Care Services for older people the bids received as part of the tender process would produce a cost substantially higher than the current service budget. It would be less expensive to retain services in–house.


Spokesperson for social affairs, Councillor Andrew Nisbet said, “We will now work closely with the unions to negotiate amendments to core conditions of service for staff in Adult Learning Disability Day services. I’m already delighted with the co-operation from staff and the union which is what we need to provide the services our clients need and deserve.


 “At the heart of these decisions made is the need to deliver an improved and more flexible service for our service users. We have listened to what our service users are telling us and have taken it into careful consideration before reaching agreement.


 “I’m confident this is the right way forward for these day care services. All those who took part in the pre-qualification questionnaire process for the tenders are being written to informing them of the council’s decision.”