Scotland TranServ announces A828 roadworks at Benderloch next week

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7 Mar 2012 - 10:07

Scotland TranServ has announced that it is to start roadworks on the A828 in the village of Benderloch next week.


The section of road affected is between the petrol station and Lochnell Primary School.


The works are programmed to run from Sunday (March 11) to Friday, March 23. During that time, the road will be reduced to one lane under temporary traffic signals, with 10mph convoy working in place.


The work will be carried out between 7am and 6pm, from Monday to Friday.


However, there will be one night – from 7pm on Sunday, March 11 to 6am on Monday, March 12 – when the road will be closed.


Traffic will be escorted through the works every two hours during a 15 minute window during this time. The time windows will be 8-8.15pm, 10-10.15pm, midnight to 12.15am, 2-2.15am, 4-4.15am and 6-6.15am.


Outwith working hours and throughout the weekends, traffic management will be lifted.


Scotland TranServ has pledged to maintain local access as far as possible, and emergency services will have unrestricted access at all times.