Pre-application consultation report on proposed Dunoon shared primary campus available

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2 Mar 2012 - 16:19

The pre-application consultation (PAC) report carried out by Argyll and Bute Council as part of the proposal to build a new primary shared campus in Dunoon is now available online at


Comments made by those who took part in meetings, went to public events and sent e-mails to the council have all been taken into account in the PAC report which is designed to get as much information from pupils, staff, parents and community organisations as possible.


There were 22 key issues raised during the consultation process included in the PAC report. They range from traffic management and the impact on the local community to the size of the school and elimination of parental choice.


Two of the three primary schools, Dunoon and Kirn have ‘poor’ suitability ratings using the Scottish Government criteria. St. Muns has a ‘satisfactory’ rating but there are problems with vehicle access. All three schools need on-going investment for many years which will be difficult, expensive and disruptive to pupils.


A new shared campus would include non denominational and roman catholic primary schools and a pre-5 establishment.


Education spokesperson, Councillor Ellen Morton said, “I would like to thank those who have taken part in the PAC process and encourage everyone to look at the final report which addresses all comments made.


“I would remind everyone this report has been prepared in support of the planning application and is an additional measure which has helped us adjust the proposals to take consideration of concerns raised. There will be further opportunities for communities and groups to express their views on the proposals during the planning application process and during the statutory consultation on the schools proposals.


“All parents at Kirn, St. Muns and Dunoon Primary Schools will be sent a regular newsletter, starting this week, updating them on the progress made so far. I firmly believe a new shared campus in the Dunoon area will benefit children in the area enormously.”


The PAC report will accompany the formal planning application for the proposed shared campus in Dunoon, which has yet to be submitted.