The future is looking bright for Campbeltown

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20 Mar 2012 - 10:19

Over the next two years you will notice major changes in and around Campbeltown. Several projects have already started and several more are about to get underway including new homes being built, improvements at the New Quay and roadworks to allow Kintyre to develop as a renewable energy hub.

Already underway is the construction of 32 new flats and terraced housing at the Kinloch Road regeneration site. It’s expected this will be finished in early 2013. Work has also begun on the conversion of 16 Grade B Listed flats to form 8 new flats and 4 new terraced houses at Dalaruan Street and this is expected to finish later this year.

As part of the Kintyre Renewables Hub project a new road is being built through Park Square to make it easier to transport wind turbine components. The hub project will see Campbeltown and Machrihanish develop as a centre for the renewable energy industry in Scotland. The new road will link Kinloch Road and Longrow in the town. There will be new junctions at Kinloch Road and Longrow along with new pavements, crossing points, street lights and road signs. The new road has just been called Aqualibrium Avenue, following a naming competition within the local schools. This work started last month and will finish in August. Meanwhile work is due to start in spring on new passing places on the A83 and junction widening at the U59 (the road to the factory). This will help manage traffic when the abnormal load vehicles are travelling between the factory and the harbour.

Work started last month on the New Quay in Campbeltown which is also part of the Kintyre Renewables Hub project. New piles will be driven along the length of the New Quay on the inner harbour side, there will be a new concrete groundslab over the pier’s surface, there will be dredging of the adjacent sea bed and there will be widening of the road at the Old Quay Head by reclaiming a small part of the inner harbour.This will make it easier to transport wind turbine components and other freight to the New Quay.

This summer will see public realm works finished in Campbeltown. This includes new benches, bins, notice boards, lighting, signs, pavements and plants which will make the area look much better.

There are roadworks planned at a hillside around a mile South of Muasdale to allow wind turbines to be moved from Campbeltown to Carraig Gheal windfarm on the Loch Awe side. This work is to be carried out for Greenpower and the machinery will be moved by road via the A83 and A816 with a police escort. More work is expected at Kilmartin. It is expected that these movements will take place in autumn this year.

Elsewhere you can expect to see resurfacing at various points on the A83 and on Kinloch Road over the summer.  Work is due to start on the All Weather Pitch at Kinloch Park this summer in late March.The third generation (3G) synthetic turf pitch will be big enough for two seven a-side pitches.  And, because the pitch will be floodlit, matches will be able to take place on winter evenings. 

In addition the work of Campbeltown Town Heritage Initiative continues. It will finish in 2014 having rejuvenated the centre of the town. Already you can see the effects on shop fronts and buildings.

Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure, Sandy MacTaggart said “These projects will make a real difference to Campbeltown over the coming years. With new and improved roads, the Kintyre Renewables Hub and better housing the projects will breathe new life into the town. I’d like to say thank you to the people of Campbeltown for their patience while the work goes on.”