Referendum Options for Colquhoun Square Available to View

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19 Jun 2012 - 16:02

Details of the three possible options for the public realm improvement works in Colquhoun Square in Helensburgh are now widely available to see. An informal referendum will be held on Monday 25 June 2012 between 8 am and 8pm in the main hall at the Victoria Halls in Helensburgh. You can see the three options on the council’s website at, at Scotcourt House in Helensburgh and at Helensburgh Library. They will also be available to see at the swimming pool and in Colquhoun Square itself as well as in the Victoria Halls on the day of the referendum. All residents who live in the Helensburgh and Lomond Area of Argyll and Bute Council will be able to take part in the referendum. You must be aged 18 or above on or before 25 June.

As Helensburgh is the major town in the area, those from Cardross to the Rosneath peninsula, Arrochar and all places between and beyond within this part of Argyll and Bute can take part whether by voting at the Victoria Halls on the day or by submitting a comment on their preferred option. Voters will be asked to choose one of the options when they vote. You can comment by post, e-mail, online or at the Victoria Halls, before the poll closes on 25 June, whether or not you choose to vote in the referendum.

The council will consider how to progress the Public Realm Improvement works in Colquhoun square after the referendum and comments made have been taken on board. The three options are complex to deliver which will result in different project completion dates. Here are the details….

Option 1: Original proposal

Option 2: Increases green space above that currently in square (shown without bus stops for illustration)

Option 3: Straight road and increased green space (shown with bus stops for illustration)

In addition each voter will be offered a comment card which will have a question on their preferred location for the bus stops and shelters and their suggested improvements to their chosen option. This is both a positive process of choosing a preferred option and suggesting further potential improvements.

Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee Lead Councillor James Robb said; “It was important before moving forward with the Public Realm Improvement (CHORD) Project to make a final effort to achieve a better consensus on an acceptable design for Colquhoun Square. It has been a remarkable achievement that council officers have arranged this in such a short time. This is a final opportunity for all voters in the area to shape the future of this key part of the town. If you cannot attend on Monday please send in your comments as directed in the notice sent to each household. However, I hope as many residents as possible will respond positively to the opportunity presented and come along to the Victoria Halls to record their view.”

If there are any doubts about the eligibility of anyone to participate in the process due to age, residence or another reason then polling staff will ask for evidence of eligibility to vote.

Contact details:

By Post: Douglas Hendry, Executive Director of Customer Services, Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, PA31 8RT

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Online at