Olympic Torch comes to Argyll and Bute

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1 Jun 2012 - 11:12

The Olympic Torch Relay will be getting a warm welcome when it arrives in Argyll and Bute on Saturday 9 June. It’s day 22 of the 70 day relay and it’s expected there’ll be crowds of people to cheer on the four torchbearers including Argyll and Bute teenager Myles Clark (18).

The torch will arrive in Luss at 09:50am before arriving in Tarbet at around 10:20am where it will be greeted by children from Arrochar Primary wearing specially designed yellow t-shirts with their own Olympic logo. The pupils have also made their own Olympic torches.

The crowds will be treated to the first public performance of ‘The Flame’, a song written and produced by Argyll’s Wild Biscuit as part of the Creative Scotland Summer of Song initiative. This will be performed by a collective choir including Lochgilphead High School Choir, Tarbert Academy Choir and Coisir Og Dhail Riata. In addition to the singing there will be music performances from the Pipes and Drums MOVE together with flute soloist Orla Ward, Coisir Og Dhail Riata and Beacon Hill over the course of the morning. All performances will take place in the picnic area in Tarbet between 09:00 am and 11:30am

Lead Councillor for Human Resources and Sport, Douglas Philand said, “I am really happy to see the Olympic torch relay is coming to Luss and Tarbet. The torchbearers are truly incredible individuals and I am proud Lochgilphead teenager Myles Clark (18) is one of them. My thanks go to the pupils of Arrochar Primary and the young musicians of Argyll all taking part in this exciting event.”

“This is a great opportunity to showcase Argyll and Bute and Scotland and enhance our reputation as a great place to visit, live and work. This will really help promote Scotland’s readiness for 2014 and its reputation a world – class events destination. The torch is steeped in history and heritage and is a key symbol of the Olympics – Argyll and Bute’s iconic landscapes provide a fitting background for the torch’s route.”