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Published Date: 

3 Jul 2012 - 12:18

  Argyll and Bute Council has introduced a pilot scheme in Oban to enforce on street parking which will run during July, August and September. 

 The move comes following concerns raised by members of the public, businesses, BID 4 Oban and local Councillors that insufficient turnover of parking is having an adverse effect on access to shops and other businesses. 

 Spaces being occupied by commuter parking cause difficulties for drivers to access businesses, as well as displacing short stay parking to illegal locations where it causes congestion and safety concerns. 

 Lead Councillor for Oban, Lorn and the Isles Louise Glen-Lee said, “The on street chargeable parking in Oban is designed to allow a fast and regular turnover of drivers. This should increase the opportunities for short visits to shops and businesses and is beneficial to them by permitting a steady stream of callers parking nearby. Long term commuter parking reduces the number of parking spaces in the core business area of the town.   

“Unfortunately, due to phasing out of the traffic warden service in common with other forces, Strathclyde Police are not enforcing the on street charging parking bays. By agreeing a pilot scheme with the police we are be able to monitor the effectiveness of additional on street enforcement.”