Council acts on unpaid debts

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23 Jul 2012 - 11:20

ARGYLL and Bute Council continues to take vigorous action to recover rates and other debts from those who are able to pay - but fail to do so.

When dealing with outstanding debts, the council has the power to obtain a summary warrant. This is passed to sheriff officers who will make efforts to negotiate settlement before taking any enforcement action.

However, if a ratepayer refuses to agree to settle the debt, the council is then able to use the full powers granted by the summary warrant. For commercial premises, this includes a money attachment – a process where money can be seized by sheriff officers in order to recover some or all of the overdue amount.

Both the council and sheriff officers, if instructed, will make attempts to agree a suitable payment arrangement first – but those who persistently refuse to pay face more serious action.

Last month, sheriff officers instructed by Argyll and Bute Council recovered a four-figure sum, using a money attachment, from an Argyll business which failed to pay rates and reneged on a previously negotiated instalment agreement.

Resolving an unpaid debt before such action requires to be taken is in the best interests of both businesses and the council. Any company concerned about unpaid rates or debt can contact Argyll and Bute Council’s debt recovery team on 01586 555248.