Campbeltown’s Aqualibrium Avenue to open in early August

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24 Jul 2012 - 17:01

The new link road through Park Square between Longrow and Kinloch Road in Campbeltown will open in early August. The £600,000 project is being built as part of the Kintyre Renewables Hub Project and will be the new main route into Campbeltown. The new road has been called Aqualibrium Avenue, following a naming competition within the local schools. It has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

 The new road will make it easier to transport wind turbine components and see Campbeltown and Machrihanish develop as a centre for the renewable energy industry in Scotland. There will be new junctions at Kinloch Road and Longrow along with new pavements, crossing points, street lights and road signs. It will mean there is no through road from Lochend Street onto Longrow and there will be one way access from Longrow onto Lochend Street.

 Lead Councillor for Roads and Amenity Services, Donald Kelly said, “I am delighted the work is almost finished on Aqualibrium Avenue and I believe the new road, along with the other projects happening in Campbeltown, will make a huge improvement over the next few years.”

The new road is one of a number of changes in Campbeltown. Work is underway on new passing places on the A83 and junction widening at the U59 (the road to the wind turbine factory). This will help manage traffic flows when the abnormal load vehicles are travelling between the factory and the harbour. Work has also begun on the New Quay in Campbeltown. New piles are being driven along the length of the New Quay on the inner harbour side, there will be a new concrete groundslab over the pier’s surface, there will be dredging of the adjacent sea bed and there will be widening of the road at the Old Quay Head by reclaiming a small part of the inner harbour. This will make it easier to transport wind turbine components and other freight to the New Quay.