Boost for Mull visitors in CalMac pilot scheme

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10 Jul 2012 - 16:26

Oban South and the Isles Councillor Mary-Jean Devon has welcomed the announcement today (Tuesday 10 July) by Caledonian MacBrayne that the island of Mull has been chosen for a trial to extend the validity of a five day saver ticket to nine days at no extra cost.

Councillor Devon, who met with Cal-Mac officials earlier today, said, “I am delighted that Mull has been chosen for this pilot scheme. This will give visitors the opportunity to spend additional days on the island which in these difficult financial times is very good news. In particular visitors have been enjoying very good weather so far this summer, which is at odds with other parts of the country, and we hope many more will travel here to enjoy it.”

The CalMac statement said, “The Isle of Mull has been selected for a trial whereby the validity of a five day saver return is extended to nine days at no extra cost. Currently visitors have to pay more if staying for 6 days or more. (£11 extra for a car and £1.70 for a passenger)

“If after the trial period this summer, it can be shown to have increased the length of visitor stays on the island, CalMac intend rolling it out to other suitable islands.

“The hope is that visitors who currently stay on the island for 5 days to take advantage of the reduced fare will choose to stay longer and therefore generate more business for accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes and visitor attractions.”