Weather and travel update - January storms. Updated 16:30

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This page contains archived news material that may no longer be accurate. Please bear this in mind when referring to this page or using any information on it to access council services. Read our current news.

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3 Jan 2012 - 13:08

High winds and heavy rain have caused some disruption to travel across Argyll and Bute

The main problem is with fallen trees, although there have been isolated reports of minor coastal flooding.

Council teams have been out clearing trees from roads. Additional teams have been called in, as well as contractors, to help clear roads as quickly as possible.

Winter teams will be patrolling overnight but the weather forecast is for milder and wetter weather to come in from midnight.

If you would like to report a fallen tree contact 01546 605514 or report it online.

All homecare services have been provided as normal.

The roof at Sandbank Primary School has been damaged. Council engineers have made an initial inspection of the building and will make further checks in the morning. Plans will be announced in the next few days for pupils at the school, who are due to return on Monday.

Scottish Power has reported teams are working to restore power to homes and expect the majority to be working again later today. Some remote rural areas may be without power until tomorrow (Wednesday).

Why not make it your new year’s resolution to help your neighbours and check on any elderly or vulnerable people who live nearby to make sure they are warm and well?