Tourism spokesperson welcomes VisitScotland announcement for Oban

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10 Jan 2012 - 12:51

Argyll and Bute’s tourism spokesperson has welcomed news that VisitScotland has secured a new permanent home for its Oban information centre.


Councillor Neil Mackay was speaking after it was announced that the information centre is to move to George Street premises (formerly Bennett’s) below the Columba Hotel from its temporary location at the ferry terminal.


“This is extremely welcome news, which will significantly improve the facilities available to visitors throughout the year,” Councillor Mackay said.


“The Columba is a landmark building in the centre of town and this street level premises will, I am sure, prove to be a good location. It will be very handy for people coming into the town, will be very visible once you’re in the town centre and will also benefit from adjacent car parking.


“This is a very exciting time for Oban, with some major developments and improvements on the horizon through projects such as CHORD and the Lorn Arc. Having a first class information centre will only improve the experience of the thousands of people who will be visiting the town for the first time, as well as the thousands who come back year after year.


“I congratulate VisitScotland in securing this location, and would urge them to make every effort to have the new premises up and running in time for the busy Easter period.”


VisitScotland will carry out internal work to refit the premises before opening it.


Mike Cantlay, Chairman of VisitScotland, said: “After much consideration and consultation, the new Oban VisitScotland Information Centre will be moving to new premises on George Street. This new site will provide excellent visibility within the town, particularly given its prominent position on the esplanade which acts as a major visitor thoroughfare, especially in the busy season.”