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17 Jan 2012 - 14:23

Argyll and Bute Council’s Community Education Centre, Dunoon is playing host to actress and writer Naomi Breeze who is bringing her warm and funny one-woman drama about life and love in Argyll and Bute to the town on Wednesday 25 January 2012.


Naomi, director of Breeze Productions, interviewed dozens of people across Argyll and Bute over several months to help her write her play, called Viewpoint, which is based on her impressions of the places and the people.  Rothesay and Campbeltown feature strongly in the play.


Naomi said: “I was very moved by many of the tales I heard from the people I interviewed for Viewpoint and it was a privilege to meet them.  There's a great strength about the people and the landscape here.  Communities are very active and people look after each other, but for some folk the lack of employment and the lure of the cities and the central belt is strong. 


“Some people indicated that there are issues associated with a lack of facilities and transport as well as drugs and alcohol.  That said it’s clear that the quality of life, strong family ties and friends and the glorious landscape draw many people back and attract newcomers.  That’s a very rich tapestry for a writer to draw inspiration from so I hope people will come and see the play and enjoy it.”


Spokesperson for enterprise, energy, culture and tourism Councillor Neil Mackay said, “I am delighted that Naomi chose Argyll and Bute to draw on for inspiration.  She is right that there is a wealth of inspiring people and places to draw on and I’m sure that we will all be able to relate to at least one of her characters.  Strong family and kinship ties are something which we are very proud of and I wish Naomi and Viewpoint every success.”


Admission to the play is free as funding has been secured from Argyll and Islands Leader Programme and Working and Learning Together.  The play starts at 7.00 pm and spaces will be limited by the size of the venue.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss issues that the drama raises after the play.


If you wish to attend please contact. Liz Marion, Community Development Team


Tel 01369 707166, 07824526341 or email: