Council teams battered but not beaten by storm

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4 Jan 2012 - 11:48

Roads teams responded to reports of fallen trees, with extra staff and contractors drafted in to help clear debris from major and minor routes across the whole area.

Social care workers made sure all vulnerable customers were safe and well. In Dunoon, where power was out for several hours, teams delivered flasks of hot water and soup to elderly residents, calling door to door to make sure everyone was alright.

Building standards officers were out checking buildings damaged by the storms to make sure they were safe.

Part of the roof at Sandbank Primary School was damaged but has been made safe and will be repaired over the coming weeks. The school will open as usual on Monday when students return from the Christmas break, but they will have to use the rear entrance. Classrooms are not affected by the damage or the repair work and school meals will still be provided.

Council leader Dick Walsh joined care teams in Dunoon, where he is also the local ward member, helping to hand out hot drinks and check on residents. He was impressed at the dedication shown by council workers, determined to beat the elements. 

Councillor Walsh said: “Yesterday’s storms left many of our residents without electricity, so they had no heat, light or means of cooking. Our teams were fantastic, delivering hot drinks and soup to residents so they could stay relatively comfortable during a difficult day. I was really impressed with their efforts, despite the weather and it being a public holiday.”

Councillor Walsh also praised the roads teams, who spent most of the day removing fallen trees.

“The effort made by our teams to clear roads of debris in very difficult conditions was amazing. Wherever it was safe they were clearing fallen trees and helping to keep Argyll moving.

“We were lucky that yesterday was a public holiday and the roads were quieter than usual. And we’re lucky to have such expert and dedicated council teams who were prepared to battle through the weather to help others.”

Council teams continue to clear roads and carry out clean up work today. Some areas of Argyll are still without power although the electricity companies are doing all they can to restore power.