Council still helping powerless residents

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6 Jan 2012 - 13:55

Argyll and Bute Council staff are still helping residents across the entire area who are facing their fourth day without electricity.

Social care staff are making visits as usual to residents who normally receive help from the council. Meanwhile the council is working with the police to identify any vulnerable customers who are still without power so they can be telephoned or visited to make sure they receive any help they need.

Temporary catering units have been set up in some areas and many hotels and pubs have opened their doors to provide warmth and hot food to those with no power supply.

Argyll and Bute Council is working with the police and energy companies to provide assistance to those who need it.  Anyone who is still without power and access hot food should contact Scottish and Southern Energy on 0800 300999.  Anyone who requires medical help should call NHS 24.

The council is encouraging residents to be a goodneighbourand check on people who live nearby and make sure they are safe and well.

Scottish and Southern energy are updating their website regularly on