Campbeltown Grammar School ‘Try before you buy’ area unveiled

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13 Jan 2012 - 16:42

It was back to school this morning for Argyll and Bute Councillor Rory Colville. The former pupil was helping unveil a new ‘Try before you buy’ area on the top of the south block of Campbeltown Grammar School. Its part of a national trial project Argyll and Bute Council has been involved in with government funded body Architecture and Design Scotland.


Three classrooms have been joined up to include a flexible open plan space, an amphitheatre for teaching with a white board, coffee shop style study booths  and plenty of tables and chairs for working in groups, on laptops and more importantly for revision purposes. It also features a ‘chill-out’ area. The new space is well suited to teaching the Curriculum for Excellence.


Spokesperson for third sector and communities, Councillor Rory Colville said “It’s wonderful to see the bright, airy and colourful fixtures and fittings which have really transformed this part of Campbeltown Grammar. The room can cater for up to 90 pupils at a time as there are so many different areas and speaking to the children today, they are really enthusiastic about the new space. If this works it could provide ideas for the new school which will be built in a few years time.”


Pupils and teachers have been involved with the project from the very beginning and their design ideas have been crucial to developing the new area in the school. The Design Advisor at Architecture and Design Scotland, Sam Cassels said “The pupils really have had a strong say in the process and have been listened to. We have worked hand in hand with them to get a design that is right. The children have a strong sense of ownership about the area which is fantastic. We will be evaluating how well the space works over the next couple of months.”


One of the first groups to use the ‘Try before you buy’ area were 40 second year pupils who are doing a carbon diary project.  Head teacher Mike Casey said, “The new area has really given this 1968 building a real lift and pupils and staff are equally as enthusiastic about using the new area.”

Executive Director of Community Services at Argyll and Bute Council, Cleland Sneddon said, “The learning that is gained from the innovative development will directly contribute to the design of the new Campbeltown Grammar School which will be developed over the next few years.”