Argyll and Bute Primary School welcomed to London 2012’s Get Set network

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23 Jan 2012 - 16:45

Pupils and teachers at an Argyll and Bute Primary School have been officially welcomed in to London 2012’s Get Set network, in recognition of their commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) awarded Dalintober Primary School a plaque and certificate to acknowledge their involvement in the London 2012 education programme.  They now join schools and colleges across the UK as members of a special London 2012 community – the Get Set network - and will receive access to exclusive competitions and 2012 Games related opportunities over the coming years.

Ellen Morton, spokesperson for education and lifelong learning said: ‘Pupils at Dalintober Primary School are excellent examples of how London 2012 is helping to spark young people’s imagination and inspiring them to get involved and make a difference.   London 2012’s education programme extends far beyond PE and sport and I am certain our pupils will be motivated to follow the journey.’

Sebastian Coe, chairman of LOCOG, said: “When London won the right to host the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, we made a clear promise to use the power of the 2012 Games to inspire young people.   I am proud to welcome Dalintober Primary School in to the Get Set network for their exciting work around the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, courage, determination and equality.”