Helensburgh Cemetery Maintenance

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14 Feb 2012 - 10:49

Argyll and Bute Council is making an appeal to families to remove additional memorials at the side of graves in Helensburgh Cemetery.


In April and September last year, the council wrote to a minority of lair holders who had placed memorial items of an inappropriate size or location at their site – including, in some cases, shrubs or unauthorised gravelled or walled areas.


Several families have responded to the request to remove the items, some of which affected the ability of cemetery staff to carry out their work. However, other lair holders have yet to either contact the council or remove the additional memorials.


Unfortunately, regular routine maintenance tasks can be hampered by additional items or constructions at a minority of grave sides, which can also cause difficulty in preparing other lairs for burials.


Chair of the Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee, Councillor Vivien Dance, said “As a council we understand people choose to remember their loved ones in different ways, but it is also our duty to keep burial grounds across the area attractive and accessible to all.


“We would be very grateful if people could remove the memorials by the end of February. If they do not come forward, we will carefully remove them ourselves and store them in a safe place for the next three months to give people the chance to come and collect them.”


Some lair holders may not have received a letter from the council because they have not passed on any updated contact details. Anyone who falls into this category and who has additional memorial items at a graveside in Helensburgh Cemetery should get in touch with the streetscene team on 01389 841 313.