Good marks for primary school

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28 Feb 2012 - 16:02

An Argyll and Bute primary school has received a positive report from Education Scotland.

Inspectors found that all aspects of the provision at Rosneath Primary in the Helensburgh and Lomond area were either ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Among the key strengths highlighted are:

  • Polite, well-behaved and motivated children and their respect for each other
  • The use of the outdoors to enhance learning
  • The inclusive and supportive environment promoted by the headteacher and staff
  • The high-quality teamwork which ensures children’s learning needs are well met
  • The school’s approaches to involving parents in their children’s learning

Other positive comments contained in the report, which is published today, include that “children are learning and achieving well”, “they enjoy school very much … and feel they are treated fairly”, “children contribute positively to the community through their care for the local environment”, “they work together very well to raise funds for local and international charities”, “children feel that the school encourages them to make healthy eating choices”, “teachers and support staff provide very good assistance for children who need additional support, including vulnerable children”, “the experienced head teacher is highly regarded by staff and parents” and “The head teacher encourages all staff to be innovative and to take on leadership responsibilities.”

Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for education and lifelong learning, Councillor Ellen Morton, said everyone associated with Rosneath Primary should be proud of their efforts.

“This report has many very positive things to say about the school itself and the wider school community, and I congratulate all those who work so hard to make Rosneath Primary such a successful learning and teaching environment,” she added.

“The work being done by the head teacher and her team will, I am sure, have a major impact when it comes to Rosneath pupils being able to fulfil their potential in secondary school and beyond.”

The report is available on the Education Scotland website