Funding agreed for new Winter Festival

Published Date: 

2 Feb 2012 - 14:10

Argyll and Bute councillors have agreed a one-off funding boost of £20,000 to help launch and promote a major new winter festival.


Last September, the council agreed an annual sum of £16,000 to support the new Helensburgh Winter Festival, which will take place in late November/early December.


The money was to come from a new Strategic Events and Festivals budget, set up to provide three year financial support to a range of events across Argyll and Bute in a bid to maximise economic benefit to the area through increased cultural tourism.


Today, the Executive approved a request from the organisers for an additional one-off allocation of £20,000 to promote and develop the event.


Depute council leader Councillor Ellen Morton, who represents Helensburgh and Lomond South, said she hoped the new event would have a long-term impact on the economy of the town and the surrounding area.


“Bringing back repeat visitors to the area provides an ongoing stimulus to the local economy. A truly successful event not only delivers an immediate impact, but also leaves a footprint for years to come,” she added.


“The new Helensburgh Winter Festival is designed to meet this longer term objective. Our hope is that it will provide a welcome boost to the local economy in the early winter, with the aim of establishing Helensburgh as a significant short stay visitor attraction at that time of year.


“In order to achieve this, it is vitally important that this new event is effectively marketed and promoted in the early years. In addition, there will be set-up costs involved which do not apply to the other ongoing events funded by the council.


“The £20,000 agreed today was specifically included in the new Strategic Events and Festivals budget as a contingency sum, with the primary aim of financing the promotion of a new event. I am delighted that the council has agreed to allocate this to the Helensburgh Winter Festival, as it will provide the best possible chance to create a longstanding legacy for the area.”