Argyll and Bute Primary receives very positive report

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14 Feb 2012 - 10:23

One of Argyll and Bute’s largest primary schools has received a very good report from Education Scotland.

Rhu Primary near Helensburgh was praised for every aspect of its provision.

Four of the five areas of education (learners’ experiences, improvements in performance, meeting learning needs and the curriculum) were evaluated as being ‘very good’, with the fifth (improvement through self evaluation) being ‘good’.

Among the key strengths highlighted in the inspection report are:

  • Confident children who are articulate, well behaved and eager to learn
  • Support given by all staff to help children in their learning
  • Teamwork of staff in working together to improve children’s learning and achievement
  • Partnerships with parents and the wider community
  • Strong leadership given by the head teacher to school improvement and ethos.

Other positive comments contained in the report, which is published today, include that “children are motivated and very enthusiastic about learning”, “they enjoy being at school and are keen to do well”, “children respond well to the many opportunities they have to contribute to the life of the school and to represent the school in the wider community”, “a broad range of learning experiences, including those outwith school, enable all children to develop important skills for their future”, “children’s understanding of health and well being is very good indeed”, “across the school, staff meet the care and welfare needs of children very well and, as a result, children feel happy and safe in the school” and “the school is very well placed to maintain high standards in all areas, and to continue to improve the quality of its work”.

Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for education and lifelong learning, Councillor Ellen Morton, praised everyone at Rhu Primary for their efforts.

“This is a very good report, and I warmly congratulate all those who work so hard to make Rhu such a successful school – pupils, staff, parents and the wider community,” she said.

“There’s a great spirit around the school, with everyone working together to ensure that its pupils are given the best possible support and encouragement in developing as successful learners and confident individuals.

“The dedication and commitment of everyone involved at Rhu Primary evidently shone through for the inspectors, and they should be proud of what they are achieving.”

The report is available on the Education Scotland website.