Argyll and Bute Council adds to its eco-friendly fleet

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27 Feb 2012 - 15:16

Argyll and Bute Council is set to increase the number of dual fuel, eco-friendly vehicles in its fleet of bin lorries with the arrival of a new Dennis refuse vehicle in Lochgilphead. A first for Argyll and Bute, it was decided to buy the vehicle following a business review looking at long term savings both financially and in carbon emissions terms. The new vehicle - a Terberg Electric Binlift lift - has joined the Lochgilphead fleet. It comes with a proven track record and offers excellent performance, quality, safety and efficiency. Breaking away from the norm for electric binlifts, the machine uses a safe, low voltage 24v DC power system in contrast to alternatives which use potentially dangerous mains voltages. By using electricity instead of engine revs, the lift is quiet with a noise level of just below the level of normal conversation. By relying solely on electricity, the lift lowers fuel consumption and will give savings of between 8% and 14% when compared to a traditionally powered binlift. Spokesperson for environment Councillor Bruce Marshall said “I am delighted that the council has made yet another addition to their eco-friendly low carbon fleet of vehicles. Hopefully this will prove to be a success, allowing the council to replace other vehicles at the end of their life with these alternatives”.