Council joins programme to help local businesses win public sector contracts

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18 Dec 2012 - 16:15

Council joins programme to help local businesses win public sector contracts

ARGYLL and Bute Council has signalled its firm commitment to helping local small and medium sized businesses enter the public sector procurement market by joining a national programme that provides support to businesses wanting to supply the public sector.  

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) aims to assist all businesses improve their performance in winning contracts with public sector organisations by providing information, news and events.

 “This is a positive step for Argyll and Bute Council in making sure that local businesses have the support they need to understand the public sector procurement process, and how best to successfully win contracts,” said Councillor Louise Glen-Lee, lead councillor for procurement.

 As Argyll and Bute Council is now a member of the SDP, all Argyll and Bute-based businesses can access the support available for free by registering their business details at

Registered companies will receive e-bulletins about forthcoming events and information updates.

Working with Argyll and Bute Council’s procurement and Business Gateway teams, the SDP will host a range of events and training to help members compete for tenders -  from information seminars to policy workshops and tender writing workshops, to ‘Meet the Buyer’ exhibitions. These will all be free of charge to members.

Details of the events programme being created for Argyll and Bute will be available in January 2013.

Argyll and Bute Council wants to make it as simple as possible for businesses to supply the local authority and has recently developed a new section on its website to help with this – ‘Selling to the Council’. Existing suppliers of goods, services and works to the council as well as those who wish to become a supplier can find more information under the business and trade link at

To find out more about the Supplier Development Programme or to register visit