Council grant funding to support local communities in Oban, Lorn and the Isles

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3 Dec 2012 - 16:54

Community groups and organisations are being encouraged to apply now for Argyll and Bute Council’s Third Sector Grants for 2013/14. The closing date to return completed application forms for a decision at the April Area Committee meetings is Friday 1 February 2013.

The Third Sector Grants programme is aimed at supporting communities and vulnerable people and helping to kick start new projects and events.    

A total of 130 community groups and organisations across Argyll and Bute benefited from the council’s £140,000 Third Sector Grants programme in 2012.  The £35,000 grant funding made available to Oban, Lorn and the Isles has supported more than 30 groups and organisations including  the Oban Friendship Club, Oban and Lorn Riding for the Disabled Group, The Isle of Mull MOD Club, Dalavich Improvement Group and the Oban Winter Festival.

Oban Friendship Club volunteer, Elizabeth Little said, “Our committee would like to express our very sincere thanks to the council for the grant towards the cost of running our new Oban Friendship Club, which is dependent on an enthusiastic band of volunteer helpers and drivers. Our members kindly help with the costs by weekly donations but we are dependent on grant funding for rest of our budget. It is encouraging that our local council has recognised our efforts in this generous way. The application process was very straightforward from our point of view and we would encourage other groups to apply.”

Councillor Louise Glen-Lee, Lead Councillor for Community, Culture, Customer and Communication said, “The council has been awarding grants to local groups and organisations for many years and we all benefit from the tremendous work these groups, organisations and volunteers do in our communities.  

“Small voluntary and community groups are a vital part of the fabric of our local communities and they play a key role in understanding and addressing local needs.”

The council is keen to encourage new groups with fresh ideas to apply for the grants.  Advice and support on funding is available from the council’s Community Development and Social Enterprise teams.

Subject to funding being available in 2013, applications are considered twice a year at local Area Committees in April and August. 

The applications forms are available from local area community learning offices or can be accessed using the following link:

For further information or guidance please phone 01546 604189 or email