Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drugs Partnership want your views on local strategy

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14 Dec 2012 - 15:32

Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) has drafted its strategy for 2013 – 2016 and is asking members of the public for their comments and views, before it is agreed and put into action.

The strategy identifies four key areas of work over the next three years – maximising health and ensuring people make healthy choices; integrating services which are offered; protecting communities and individuals from harm; protecting children from substance misuse harm and linking children’s services effectively.

Cleland Sneddon, Chair of the Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership said

‘It is important that the people of Argyll and Bute make their views known on the Partnership’s proposals. Argyll and Bute is not immune to the high cost of alcohol and drugs misuse, not only to our public services and industries but also to individuals and their families. The effects can be seen in our casualty departments, our police stations and on children and other family members.’

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can pick up copies of the strategy and feedback form at any of the council’s Customer Service Points or request printed copies by telephoning the ADP on 01546 604948 and returning the feedback form by post to Megan Harris, ADP Co-ordinator, Aros, Lochgilphead PA31 8LB.

Presentations about the strategy are taking place on Wednesday 19 December – 12.00noon, at the Conservatory, Victoria Infirmary, Helensburgh ; on Wednesday 9 January – at 2.00pm at Ballochyle House, Cowal ; Wednesday 16 January – 12.30 at the ECS Office, Ardrishaig, Mid Argyll. Presentations will also be made in Islay and Campbeltown.  For information on dates contact Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership on 01546 604948.

To download the strategy and a consultation feedback form go to Argyll and Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership Consultation Strategy

All forms must be returned by Thursday 31 January 2013, either online or by post.