Oban businesses have 6 weeks to vote on the proposal to create a Business Improvement District

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28 Aug 2012 - 16:17

Businesses in Oban will be getting their confidential voting paper from the Returning Officer at Argyll and Bute Council for the ballot to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in Oban. It will be held on Friday 5 October which leaves six weeks for businesses to post their vote.

If Oban was to gain BID status it would mean traders themselves developing, managing and paying for a 5 year scheme to boost the local economy.

Lead Councillor for Oban, Lorn and the Isles, Louise Glen - Lee said: “This is an opportunity for Oban business to build on the good relationships with Argyll and Bute Council that have been developed during the steering group’s hard work for the last three years.

“I hope that business owners are keen to get on board for the bid. It is an exciting time for Oban and it would be great if business partners were a key player at the table for all future decisions. They can do this by saying ‘yes’ to BID4Oban.”

If the ballot is successful, Argyll and Bute Council has already agreed to provide financial support of £20,000 a year for the five year duration of the scheme, as well as an estimated £4,500 annual levy as the occupant of multiple business premises in the town.