Free access to leisure facilities for people in treatment or recovery from drug or alcohol related issues

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23 Aug 2012 - 15:27

People living in Argyll and Bute who are in formal treatment or recovery programmes for drug and alcohol related problems will now have free, supported use of leisure facilities for the duration of their recovery. The move has been agreed at a council meeting today. (Thu 23 August). Alcohol or drug issues impact on individuals, their families and on our communities. These measures to help people recover will improve life for everyone in our communities.  

A standard formal partnership arrangement will now be drawn up for all support services who want to use council leisure facilities. It will follow the same idea as the ‘argyllactive’ programme. Individuals would be referred to the fitness co-ordinator who would book them in for an induction. Those who need supervised support would use the leisure facilities with a support worker present at all times and this would be agreed under the terms of the partnership agreement and with the appropriate facility.

Lead Councillor for Adult Care, Ann Horn said, “This move will be one of a package of support measures from the public and third sector which will help people’s recovery and improve their general health and wellbeing. There are already 26 drug and alcohol services across Argyll and Bute but only two have any formal links to their local council leisure services. However feedback from the services and individuals involved has been very positive. Both organisations who have taken part found the arrangement a great opportunity to help people’s recovery. I believe a more structured partnership arrangement with alcohol and drug misuse services will be a positive development.”

The partnership arrangement will be evaluated and monitored with regular attendance looked at and quarterly multi agency meetings. There will also be an annual report of overall usage.