Congratulations to young people on exam results

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Published Date: 

7 Aug 2012 - 12:09

Argyll and Bute schools have performed well in this year’s Scottish Qualifications Authority examinations. 

The council’s Lead Councillor for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Breslin said, “On behalf of the council I would like to offer thanks and congratulations to our young people, their teachers and parents, after the news that Argyll and Bute schools’ exam results show a positive picture with a number of notable success stories.

“At Standard Grade Credit level and equivalent our young people have achieved a high standard and their performance at Higher and Advanced Higher continues to be strong. The number of our young people achieving qualifications in addition to those offered by SQA continues to rise.”

It should be noted that these results are pre-appeal and there may be increases in the pass rates later in the year when appeals have been considered by SQA.