Gaelic Classes available in Helensburgh, Mull, Kintyre and Rosneath

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12 Apr 2012 - 16:44

Weekly Gaelic classes will start in Helensburgh, Kintyre, Fionnphort on Mull and Rosneath from Monday 30 April 2012.

The classes which are being run by Argyll and Bute Council, in partnership with Ionad Chaluim Chille Ilè will be taught using the highly successful Ùlpan model. Classes are for beginners in all areas but Helensburgh will also offer a class from unit 13 for those who have completed the first 12 units

It has yet to be decided when and where the classes will take place. This will be decided once it is clear how many people want to take part.

If you live in any of these areas and are interested in going to Gaelic classes or if you would like to find out more, then please register your interest with Ionad Chaluim Chille Ile at the following e-mail address and visit

The class is ILA (Individual Learning Account) accredited so students can use ILA to cover some of the costs. More information on the ILA scheme can be found at

For more information on the Ùlpan model visit