Argyll and Bute Council election – Dunoon ward

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Published Date: 

3 Apr 2012 - 14:51


The returning officer for the Argyll and Bute Council election on May 3 has formally postponed the election for the three seats on the Dunoon ward. 

The requirement came following the death last week of a party candidate for that ward, the late Alister MacAlister of the Scottish National Party (SNP), after the ‘statement of persons nominated’ had been published.

Returning officer Sally Loudon has now written to all other candidates for that ward, advising them that the May 3 election has been postponed.

A Notice of Election for the Dunoon ward will be published next Tuesday (April 10) which will provide a period of seven working days for the SNP only to nominate another candidate if it wishes to do so.

That notice will also specify a date for the election in the Dunoon ward.

Mrs Loudon said: “We are in discussions with the suppliers who provide the counting software and we are also looking at the other administrative arrangements for the poll, which will take place some time in May within the period specified by the election rules, which is 21-28 working days from April 10 2012.”

The election team is currently developing a new timetable for the processes which need to take place around matters such as the new issue of polling cards, amended deadlines for postal voting and proxy applications and a new date for the issue of postal votes for the Dunoon ward.

The election in respect of all other wards in Argyll and Bute will proceed as planned on Thursday, May 3 2012.