News Releases for 2011

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Island primary pupils tune up for Royal performance 04/07/2011
Iona Primary School closed 04/02/2011
Industrial action – Wednesday, November 30 29/11/2011
Improvements to older people’s services one step closer 03/02/2011
Illegal cigarette sales on Islay 05/10/2011
Hydrocarbon removal at Kinloch Road site 24/06/2011
Hunt is on for local tall ship crew 02/06/2011
Helensburgh to boast Scotland’s first ‘Outdoor Museum’ 16/09/2011
Helensburgh school trip used as national case study 01/12/2011
Helensburgh primary continues to impress inspectors 29/08/2011
Helensburgh pool hosts third annual swimming awards 05/09/2011
Helensburgh development options discussed 22/11/2011
Helensburgh CHORD project granted planning approval 22/03/2011
Helensburgh CHORD plans to take centre stage 27/09/2011
Helensburgh CHORD - the community’s project 05/09/2011
Helensburgh cemetery maintenance 06/09/2011
Helensburgh and Lomond road improvements look set to finish ahead of schedule 30/08/2011
Head teacher pays tribute to fire victims 25/07/2011
Have your say on the council’s budget 22/09/2011
Have your say on improvements in Campbeltown 17/08/2011
Have you had a visit from a home improvement company? Make sure you check your credit agreement 15/11/2011
Green light for multi-million pound Helensburgh scheme 29/09/2011
Great response to Core Paths plan consultation 29/09/2011
Government issues red weather alert 07/12/2011
Glowing report for Argyll and Bute school 22/03/2011
Glenbarr Primary School Closed 04/02/2011
Get up and get active 20/06/2011
Gaelic classes launched in Helensburgh 19/12/2011
Funding available for private water supplies 10/11/2011
Flood Alert for Argyll and Bute 05/04/2011