Alternative arrangements made for Ashfield Primary School

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15 Sep 2011 - 13:55

Alternative arrangements have been made for pupils at Ashfield Primary School. 

The school was closed today (Thursday 15 September 2011) due to a small fire on the premises. 

Tomorrow, the pupils will have their morning swimming lesson as usual, and then will have the rest of their school day in Achnamara Village Hall. 

From Monday, pupils from Ashfield Primary School will go to Glassary Primary School until further notice.  Transport will be provided for pupils to go from Ashfield to Glassary, however if your child is at Ashfield on a placing request you will need to take them to Glassary. 

Ashfield Primary School's kitchen usually provides school meals for the pupils at both Ashfield and Tayvallich.  These will be provided by the kitchen at Lochgilphead Joint Campus while the school is closed.