Your chance to influence the National Gaelic Language Plan

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Published Date: 

4 Oct 2011 - 10:02

People across Argyll and Bute will be given the chance to shape the National Gaelic Language Plan 2012 – 2017 through a series of meetings organised by Bòrd na Gàidhlig this month.


Argyll and Bute Council adopted the Gaelic Language Plan in 2008 and the new National Gaelic Language Plan will influence the next Argyll and Bute Gaelic Language Plan.


Spokesperson for rural and island affairs, housing and Gaelic Councillor Robin Currie said, “I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the Gaelic language to come along to their local meeting.  As well as helping to shape the national plan people will have the opportunity to comment on the plan for Argyll and Bute.  They will also have the chance to highlight areas which they think should be considered for inclusion in the next local Gaelic plan.”


Meetings will be held in:

Aros Hall, Mull – Monday 10 October

The Community Hall, Tiree – Tuesday 11 October

Corran Halls, Oban, Wednesday 12  October

Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle, Islay – Thursday 13 October

You will be able to download the draft from Tuesday  4 October 2011 on, and also in print from the Bòrd na Gàidhlig offices.