End of Pre- application consultation process for proposed Dunoon shared campus

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24 Oct 2011 - 15:36

The pre-application consultation (PAC) phase of the proposed Dunoon area shared pre-5 and primary campus has come to an end. Argyll and Bute Council started the consultation on 1 August and it finished today. (24 October)


During this time there have been several meetings with community groups and a number of public events. 126 people took part in the drop-in events in the Queen’s Hall and Dunoon Grammar School. The council has also had more than 60 e-mails on the proposals.


The PAC process is only the very early stages of the project’s development and is designed to get as much input from pupils, staff, parents and community organisations as possible. This is crucial before the council makes any decisions about the detailed design of a new campus.


Each comment will now be collated, taken into account and a written response will be published on each point that can be answered at this stage. Those that cannot be fully answered at this stage will be recorded to be answered as information becomes available. These responses will be sent out through the school and will be on the council’s website by the end of November.


The PAC process is an additional measure and there will still be an opportunity for communities and groups to express their views on the proposals during the planning application process and during the statutory consultation on the school proposals.


Education spokesperson, Councillor Ellen Morton said: “We have a fantastic opportunity here to dramatically improve the school facilities for pupils currently attending Kirn, St. Muns and Dunoon Primary Schools. We all want to see the children educated and developed in the best possible surroundings.


“The Council is committed to involving children, parents and community groups in developing proposals and this will continue throughout the project to ensure any transition is much easier. Also we should remember a new campus would also benefit the community with a wider range of learning and sports facilities available for use.


“I have spoken to many parents whose children have benefited from the wonderful new school campus developments built in Argyll and Bute in recent years. A new shared campus in the Dunoon area would make positive contributions to children's learning experiences, achievement and attainment.”


 The council will be sending out a regular newsletter, the first will include a detailed timescale for the project. It will highlight the different stages and make it clear when you can make your views known.


Argyll and Bute Council has been given indicative grant approval from the Scottish Government for 50 percent of the development costs. (£6.75 million)