Council welcomes Crown Estate announcement for Kintyre and Islay

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18 Oct 2011 - 10:03

Argyll and Bute Council this week welcomed the announcement by the Crown Estate that three new sites in Kintyre and Islay are being taken forward for consideration by tidal energy developers.


The three sites which are being considered are West Islay, Mull of Kintyre and Sanda Sound.  This is exciting news and it reflects the significant natural marine resource that we have in Argyll.   Although it is still early days in the development of these tidal projects there is no doubt that this is an exciting time in the development of the renewable tidal sector. 


In March this year the Scottish Government approved the Scottish Power Renewable development of the world’s largest tidal power array in the Sound of Islay.  This week’s announcement is further proof that Argyll offers further opportunities for development of the marine renewable sector in Scotland.  Argyll and Bute has a key role to play in helping the Scottish Government meet its renewable target.


Welcoming the announcement Argyll and Bute Council Leader Dick Walsh said, “As a council we recognise the opportunities that can come from sustainably harnessing our natural renewable resource.  We want to secure social and economic opportunities for the people who live in Argyll and Bute and recognise the importance of working with partners through the Argyll and Bute Renewable Alliance to optimise these opportunities and to secure benefit to our local communities.”