Prepared for winter?

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18 Nov 2011 - 15:08

You may have noticed teams from Argyll and Bute Council working hard at the side of the road recently. They are carrying out full and final checks on all drains and ditches in the area which could prove problematic in winter.


Inspectors are out looking for any drain or ditch which has been blocked by leaves or other debris or squeezed shut by heavy lorries and trucks driving over them. By clearing the blockages this will make sure there is less chance of any lying water on the roads which could freeze over and be a real danger to drivers.


Spokesperson for transport and infrastructure, Councillor Duncan MacIntyre said “It’s important we have these checks carried out before the winter weather hits Argyll and Bute. The roads teams are working hard to make sure the roads stay in the best condition possible which will make a difference if we are hit by snow.”


“You can also do your bit to make sure you are prepared. While there are hundreds of grit bins and salt heaps across Argyll and Bute you can stock up yourself at builder’s merchants across the area. Make sure you do a little planning now to keep safe this winter.”


Look out for Argyll and Bute Council’s winter driving leaflet which is available from council offices and petrol stations. It has a map showing the priority treatment routes in the area and tips on driving in different weather conditions like snow and ice. It also has advice on how you can be best prepared for any journey in your car during bad weath