Park School turning circle and new road layout

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29 Nov 2011 - 14:49

It is now much easier for everyone to drop their children off at Park Primary School in Oban thanks to a new turning circle and road layout installed by Argyll and Bute Council. There had been concerns about traffic congestion and the safety of pupils.


The road and car parking improvements cost £100,000 and according to Head Teacher Gillian Carney have made a real difference to the school. Miss Carney said “I’m particularly pleased with the safety railing outside the school which helps protect the children as they come to school and leave at the end of the day. The improvements are also making it much easier for buses and cars to get in and out safely. We are already noticing much less congestion.”


Spokesperson for Transport and Infrastructure, Councillor Duncan MacIntyre, said “I’m delighted with the new turning circle and road layout at Park Primary school and am pleased the work was done over the school holidays to minimise any disruption to pupils. It’s a priority to make sure all children in Argyll and Bute are able to get to school safely.”