National Maintenance Week comes to Rothesay

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8 Nov 2011 - 09:36

National Maintenance Week kicks off on Friday 18 November and is coming to Rothesay. It is designed to offer practical and straightforward advice on maintenance and repairs to everyone who looks after a property. To coincide with the nationwide campaign there will be an event held by the Rothesay Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) in St. Paul’s church hall on Deanhood Place between 1pm and 6pm.




The event is being run as a drop-in session but there will be two formal presentations from Annie Flint, a housing specialist from John Gilbert Architects. Annie had problems with her own tenement property and she has written ‘The tenement Handbook.’ The architects have also written a maintenance booklet called ‘Because they’re worth it’ for tenement owners in Rothesay and you can pick up a copy at the event.




Chair of the Rothesay CHORD programme, Councillor Len Scoullar said, “This is an especially important event for tenement owners in Rothesay just as the weather is getting colder. There will be the chance for you to find out how to apply for a small grant through Rothesay THI and there will be two presentations by Annie Flint at 3pm and 5.15pm.”




For more information on the THI events please call Gillian Allenby on 01700 501358.