Key Helensburgh sites in the spotlight

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8 Nov 2011 - 17:21

Two high profile development sites in Helensburgh are to be the focus in reviewing the Helensburgh Pier Head masterplan.


Argyll and Bute Council’s Executive has agreed that the masterplan be reviewed in relation to the Pier Head and former Hermitage Academy sites to ensure that its aims are more clearly defined and deliverable.


It will also provide the opportunity to revise and update the plan to take account of developments which have emerged since it was approved two years ago.


Councillor Vivien Dance, chair of the Helensburgh and Lomond area committee, said that a number of issues – which together have the potential to transform the local economy - were now coming together in the town.


“We are at a very important crossroads in terms of Helensburgh’s future development, and are on course to secure significant investment from both the public and private sector over the next few years,” she said.


“We want to be certain that the documents we use when making vital decisions take full account of all the relevant issues.


“This is a very exciting time for local residents and businesses, with the possibility of major developments on the horizon. It is our job to make sure that these are carried out on a strategic, co-ordinated basis so as to have the greatest possible benefit for the local community.”


Councillor Dance stressed that any updated master plan for the Pier Head site would involve a period of public consultation.


“Everyone will have the chance to have their say on what will be an exceptionally important document in terms of any future development of the Pier Head,” she added.


“We will be actively seeking the views of people who live and work in Helensburgh and the surrounding area, and I would urge everyone who has an opinion on this issue to make their voice heard when the opportunity arises over the next few months, as we work towards taking the site to the open market next spring.”


The town is in the spotlight over a number of other possible developments and development sites, which include:


  • A proposed new swimming pool and leisure facility, which has been developed in consultation with the community.
  • The council’s £6.6million CHORD programme to transform Helenburgh’s town centre and waterfront, which has been approved and is now being implemented.
  • The site of the former Hermitage Academy building, part of which the housing association Dunbritton wish to use to build new affordable housing.


Councillor Dance said: “There is a well documented need for affordable housing in Helensburgh. Drawing up a master plan or a design brief for this site, which demonstrates how Dunbritton’s development can be accommodated, seems to be a sensible way forward at this stage.


“The overall objective in terms of both this site and the Pier Head is to integrate their development within the economic development plan for Helensburgh in a more strategic and holistic manner, and to develop a ‘preferred option’ which will integrate with and complement the council’s multi-million pound CHORD investment.


“This is a very exciting time for Helensburgh, and I look forward to all relevant sectors working together to secure the best possible outcome for the town’s residents and visitors.”