Councillor Donald 'Skye' McIntosh

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18 Nov 2011 - 12:04

Argyll and Bute Councillor Donald ‘Skye’ McIntosh has died suddenly after a short illness.

Council Leader Dick Walsh expressed his sadness at the news this morning and paid tribute to the part Councillor McIntosh played in the Council since his election in 1999.

“I am absolutely shocked by this morning’s news.  I had great affection for Skye.  He was completely dedicated to his job of representing his constituents and always gave 200 percent. 

“While his loss will be felt in the Oban area, Skye’s influence went beyond the bounds of his constituency. 

“I worked with Skye both as an administration colleague and in opposition.  I can honestly say that he worked closely with all his colleagues for the benefit of the Council.  Skye wanted the best for everyone, not just in his Oban South and the Isles constituency but for the whole of Argyll and Bute and he will be dearly missed.

“I speak for everyone at Argyll and Bute Council when I say that we are all sad at the news of his death.  Our thoughts lie with Skye’s family and in particular with his wife Wilma who I will be contacting to express our condolences.”