Council reiterates consistent, objective, open and transparent approach to Helensburgh development

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29 Nov 2011 - 18:04

The chair of Helensburgh and Lomond area committee has reiterated Argyll and Bute Council’s commitment to an objective, planned, open and transparent approach to the development of key Helensburgh sites.

Councillor Vivien Dance was speaking after direct approaches were made to members of the public by organisations wishing to gain a foothold in the town.

“The impression which some people have been left with seems to be that the council has already joined forces with a particular retailer or developer, or that the playing field is not level in some other way for those interested in establishing a base in Helensburgh,” she said.

“This is absolutely not the case. Yes, there is significant interest in the town from a number of developers and retailers. But I would like to make it crystal clear that the council does not have an agreement with any one of these, nor is it directly engaged with any particular party to the exclusion of any others. “

Councillor Dance emphasised that the council’s responsibility is to ensure that it is in the best position to make the right decisions - decisions which facilitate the most effective and affordable delivery of a new swimming pool and leisure facility, and which can deliver town regeneration and so allow Helensburgh to fulfil its economic development potential. 

She added that the council is undertaking this through a proven business case approach involving the development and appraisal of options for the pier head Masterplan which will be considered by the council’s Executive on December 15.  The paper on the Masterplan will be discussed in public and the outcome of this debate will then be subject to wide consultation with all residents. 

“What we are aiming to secure for the town are attractive, deliverable proposals which meet the hopes and aspirations of the community which they will serve, and, as always, the council looks forward to receiving the views of the community before any final decisions are taken,” Councillor Dance said.

“The council will continue to pursue this aim in the consistent, planned manner it has done to date, while at the same time meeting its statutory requirements in terms of planning and other relevant legislation.”