Council leader goes live on line to discuss budget proposals

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8 Nov 2011 - 11:58


Councillor Walsh will be live on line to take part in a web chat on Wednesday 16 November, from 7pm, allowing anyone with web access to contact him directly and receive an immediate response, wherever they are in the world.


Also on line will be chief executive Sally Loudon, head of strategic finance Bruce West and executive director Douglas Hendry.


The session has been arranged to give residents the opportunity to ask questions about the council’s budget proposals.


Councillor Walsh hopes the live on-line sessions will give a wide audience the opportunity to hear about how the Council is managing the budget and ask him directly about the council’s budget proposals, which have been out for consultation since the middle of October. He explains:


“From 2011/12 the council needs to save £74m by 2015. From the work we’ve done in previous years we’ve already agreed savings worth £64 million and this year we’re working hard to find ways to make the additional savings, while protecting front line services.


“We’ve held public meetings to discuss the budget but not everyone can get to them. I wanted to make sure those living on one of our 25 inhabited islands had the chance to have their say, without having to make a long trip which is why I’m going on line.


“The web chats are open to anyone with web access. Who knows, we may even have someone asking a question from the other side of the world.


“I’m looking forward to chatting to people who I wouldn’t usually have the chance to meet in person.”


Budget consultation has been underway for a number of weeks across Argyll and Bute, with public meetings being held in the main towns. Feedback cards have been circulated to community councils and council offices and there is an online questionnaire and budget simulator.


Last year feedback from the budget consultation exercise resulted in more money being allocated to roads and cuts to the education service kept to a minimum.


This year the majority of proposed savings come from changing the way the council works – making it more efficient while still delivering quality front line services.


Anyone who would like to take part in the web chat should go online at on Wednesday 16 November at 7pm.


Full details of the budget proposals and the council’s budget simulator can be seen at