Council calls on Government to honour Jura Passenger Ferry pledge

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24 Nov 2011 - 15:27

Argyll and Bute Council has called on the Scottish Government to honour a pledge made earlier in the year regarding the Jura Passenger Ferry.

Spokesperson for rural and island affairs, housing and Gaelic, Councillor Robin Currie, referred to a meeting held in the council offices in Lochgilphead on May 23 2011. Among those present were the council leader and depute leader, members of the council’s SNP and Argyll First groups, Michael Russell MSP and Mike Mackenzie MSP.

“At that meeting, there was a very strong message given from the MSPs that if the council funded the operation of the Jura Passenger Ferry in 2011, the Scottish Government would help with the funding in future years,” Councillor Currie said.

“This is a vital service, which is a lifeline to the Jura community. The council kept its side of the bargain and identified money to ensure that the ferry could continue to operate in summer 2011 – despite the fact that all those involved acknowledge that funding this service is not a matter for the council.

“I now call on the Scottish Government to honour its original pledge to allow marketing to take place now for the summer 2012 service and beyond.”

The seasonal Jura Passenger Ferry runs between Tayvallich on the mainland and Craighouse on Jura.